MTSS  Rhode Island

At MTSS  Rhode Island, we support Rhode Island K-12 schools and districts in the implementation of a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) framework and the practices, data, and systems that lead to better outcomes for all students. Our mission is to provide rigorous, standards-based professional learning to Rhode Island educators through a blended learning model. Our blended model includes online learning through BRIDGE-RI, our dedicated learning management system, as well as through training, technical assistance, and coaching. Professional learning provided by MTSS  Rhode Island is aligned with the Rhode Island Professional Learning Standards to ensure high-quality professional learning for our state's educators. 

A Framework for Supporting All Students

A multi-tiered system of supports, or MTSS for short, is a framework for school improvement. This framework ensures that all students are supported for meeting academic, behavioral, and social-emotional outcomes. All students means all students, including multilingual learners and students with disabilities. In a multi-tiered system of supports, all students have equitable access to strong, effective core instruction using high quality curriculum and differentiated instructional practices at Tier 1, evidence-based group interventions at Tier 2, and intensive, evidence-based interventions at Tier 3. 


Practices, Data, and Systems

In the MTSS  framework, we make frequent reference to Practices, Data, and Systems.  

are what the adults in the building do to help students be successful. Practices are evidence-based, and culturally and linguistically responsive. 

Data guide decision-making in the MTSS  framework. Data are frequently collected and reviewed to assess the effectiveness of Tiers 1, 2, and 3 supports. From data, we can answer questions like, "What problem behaviors are we seeing most frequently, and where are they happening?" and "Are our core math and reading programs helping our students meet benchmarks?"

Systems should be in place to support the adults in the building so that they can do the right thing for students. Adults need time, training, coaching, and materials to "do the right thing," and a MTSS  framework ensures that they're getting what they need, as well as time to use the data for guidance. 
mtss "tattoo" of practices, data, and systems interlocking to support outcomes for all students

Not a Program

MTSS is not a program that you can buy. It's not a "one size fits all" solution to school improvement, like a list of practices that schools must do to be successful. It is a framework for thinking about how schools and districts can best support their students for success, and how they can support the adults to do their jobs well. It's a focus on continual improvement and problem solving guided by data. When a school or district begins developing their MTSS  framework, it doesn't mean that schools and districts have to throw out what they're currently doing if it's working. It does mean taking a closer look at the areas that need improvement, and using that framework for adding evidence-based supports in those areas of need and continually monitoring improvement using  data as our guide.

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