For an updated list of available courses on BRIDGE-RI, please visit our Course  Catalog that describes the online course offerings in detail. In the catalog, you will find a list of courses categorized by Tier, each with the following information:

  • Course Title
  • Course Description and any other important details for participants to know, such as learning objectives
  • Intended Audiences
  • Course Type (self-paced, facilitated, or semi-facilitated)
  • Recommended number of Professional Learning Units (PLUs) earned for successful completion
  • Course Support contact information
  • An enrollment link or additional information pertaining to enrollment
View  the  Course  Catalog

Please note this link will open in a new window as a Google Doc. When you're ready to enroll, follow the Enroll Now link from the course catalog. Or if ready to enroll now and do not need to view the course catalog go to Enroll in a Course.

Courses are continually being developed, so please check back for courses that have been newly added or are coming soon. For a quick tutorial on selecting and enrolling in a course on BRIDGE-RI, watch the video below.

Last modified: Tuesday, January 31, 2023, 1:50 PM