BRIDGE-RI Course Catalog

For an updated list of available courses on BRIDGE-RI, please visit our Course  Catalog that describes the online course offerings in detail. In the catalog, you will find a list of courses categorized by Tier, each with the following information:

  • Course Title
  • Course Description and any other important details for participants to know, such as learning objectives
  • Intended Audiences
  • Course Type (self-paced, facilitated, or semi-facilitated)
  • Recommended number of Professional Learning Units (PLUs) earned for successful completion
  • Course Support contact information
  • An enrollment link or additional information pertaining to enrollment
View  the  Course  Catalog. Please note this link will open in a new window as a Google Doc. When you're ready to enroll, follow the Enroll Now link from the course catalog or return to Enroll in a Course

Courses are continually being developed, so please check back for courses that have been newly added or are coming soon. 

For a quick tutorial on selecting and enrolling in a course on BRIDGE-RI, watch the video below.

Last modified: Sunday, August 14, 2022, 1:41 PM