Courses in the BRIDGE-RI category are designed to enhance the BRIDGE-RI participant experience. Additionally, course designers who have partnered with BRIDGE-RI to bring educators robust courses will learn more about online learning through Moodle.

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BRIDGE-RI Content Development

Do you have a great idea for a course on BRIDGE-RI? Are you interested in working with MTSS  Rhode Island to develop online professional learning for Rhode Island educators? Learn all about our process for content development, from curating vetted resources, creating original course materials, and putting it all together for BRIDGE-RI users. Learning objectives include:

  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of Content Developer, Course Designer, and BRIDGE-RI Admin
  • Reviewing the essential components of a BRIDGE-RI course
  • Exploring how put together content to get a course up and running, from start to finish
  • Discovering and applying best practices for content curation and creation, including accessibility and copyright
  • Connecting in real-time with BRIDGE-RI Admin and other Content Developers to ask questions and get support

Please note that this course is a prerequisite for BRIDGE-RI Course Design

To enroll in this course, contact  Nicole L'etoile at 

Intended Audiences

Content Developers and Course Designers for BRIDGE-RI Courses

Course Type

Self-paced with optional check-ins

Recommended # of PLUs

2 PLUs

BRIDGE-RI Course Design

You're a tech-savvy content expert and you have a great idea for an online course on BRIDGE-RI. You've already worked with BRIDGE-RI to develop course content and now you're ready to learn how to build courses in Moodle. You've come to the right place! In this course, you will learn about taking the skills and knowledge you acquired in Content Development and putting them into action on BRIDGE-RI. Learning objectives include:

  • Applying Content Development practices (such as storyboarding, content curation and creation, and accessibility) to Moodle
  • Learning how to set up and configure Moodle activities, resources, and blocks
  • Practicing Moodle skills in BRIDGE-RI's hands-on "sandbox"
  • Exploring and finding resources for ongoing Moodle professional learning
  • Connecting in real-time with BRIDGE-RI Admin and other Course Designers to ask questions and get support

Please note that there are two prerequisites for this course:

  1. Completion of the BRIDGE-RI Content Development course
  2. Record of success in the Content Developer role for at least one course on BRIDGE-RI

To enroll in this course, contact Nicole L'Etoile at


Intended Audiences

Course Designers for BRIDGE-RI Courses

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Recommended # of PLUs

4 PLUs

Facilitator: Nicole L'Etoile

BRIDGE-RI Designer Sandbox

This is a closed course for BRIDGE-RI course designers in training. If you need access to this course, please contact Ellen Reinhardt